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Move The Date…

The new trend in wedding stationery is the whole “save the date” thing. Great idea, right? Eh…it has its pros and cons.

For example…a pro would be “hey, I have out-of-town guests that need a heads up this date is taken in their calendars.”

A con would be “dang it…my a cappella group just advanced to the semi-finals of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella…which just happens to be on my wedding date…”

I’m in the con boat. Not a fun boat to be in. So…I’m going start a new trend. A trend that will take wedding stationary by storm. It’s called a…


IMG_1788That’s righty folks…a “MOVE THE DATE! (please?)” For those special times when something takes over your life and you have to go all Pitch Perfect on yo’ bad self.

It’s going to be so great. You just wait and see.


Until next time, fellow BFs!




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