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A Shorty Story: An Experience with Law Enforcement

I have to tell you a short story. Gather around kids. Bring your favorite blanket and stuffed animal. While this story may be short, it is a tale of adventure.

Once upon a time there was a young man and woman traveling along a road when they came upon an the site of an accident.


Now let me interrupt this story tale by saying I honestly hope that everyone involved in this accident is okay and that nobody was severely injured. This tale does not linger on the accident long my friends, because soon, the young couple would encounter law enforcement.

Because this accident was on one of the main highways, there were several police officers and state troopers directing traffic around the accident. The young couple followed the directions of the state trooper but had no idea where the road that they were headed down went so they decided to ask the state trooper who was directing what little traffic might come upon the accident.

What are you taught when you are young, children? If you’re ever lost, go find a police man and tell him and he will help you. Right?


This young couple pulled up to the police man, rolled their window down to ask for directions and the trooper kept pointing them in opposite direction that they needed to go. He eventually yelled this response…

“If you’re gonna turn you better turn!!”

The young woman stuck her head out the window and said “we need some directions.”

“Turn around.” Was the trooper’s response.

The woman stated that they needed to go left and the trooper came up to the car and interrupted her before she could finish asking for a detour route, “you can’t turn left.”

Finally the woman lost her patience with the friendly neighborhood law enforcement officer and spoke up “I know that! I’m trying to ask you a question! Is there a detour route we can take. We aren’t from around here.”

The trooper’s response was “oh, just take this road and find another one and turn right on it. This is the old road. You’ll see a bridge and you can turn right on any road.”

The woman thanked the officer for his “help” and the young couple continued their trip.

The end.

Why’d he have to be such a b-hole? So much for a friendly and helpful face. If there had been 1,000,000 cars backed up in traffic, I could understand his attitude. But we were the only car there at the time. Come on now…

I don’t think I’ve ever had a good experience with a cop. That’s really just too bad…

Until next time, fellow BFs.


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