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Pinterest Experiments: DIY Antiquing Furniture

If you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter, you should have seen my picture of the day a couple of days ago. Boone and I took on a project that I have seen a couple of times on Pinterest. It all started when we went shopping at The Knoxville Salvage store…

*dreamy transition music*

Boone’s mom found this old desk sitting in the corner of the room for $40. But because they wanted so badly to get rid of it, they decided to sell it to us for $20! (It actually ended up being free for us because Boone’s mom is so sweet and bought it as a late wedding gift!)



Not really a bad desk to begin with. Just a bit dusty! But I had plans for it! I decided to try out the “antiquing” technique that I’ve seen on Pinterest so many times! So we went to Lowes to buy some primer, paint, paint brushes, and finishing wax.

The total on our Lowes bill – $15.87.

Over the course of the next two weeks, we worked on our project!

The first step was to clean up the desk. There was dust and bugs and spiders galore so we spent one whole evening making sure the desk was clean. Boone also used wood polish on the inside of the drawers to spruce up the old-looking wood.



Once it was finally all dusted, step two began! We started sanding down the drawers, desk, and top. I hand-sanded the drawers while Boone sanded down the top and main part of the desk with an electric sander. The reason for the sanding is so the primer would stick to the desk, ultimately allowing the paint the stick to the desk as well.

Step three was to prime all the drawers, top, and desk. It’s not important that the primer cover the color of the desk. As I said before, the primer is mainly for the paint to stick to the desk. I did one coat over the majority of the desk but there were some parts where I went over the primer again. Some of the darker spots on the desk…just to be sure.

The next step is important — ALLOW THE PRIMER TO DRY COMPLETELY. The primer is going to be the “accent” color for your antiquing (unless you want your accent color to be an actual color…then you’ll need to do an extra step in between these two steps in which you will paint the accent color after the primer and allow it to dry completely.)

If you want the white primer to be the accent color (which is what Boone and I did) then after the primer is dry, you can begin painting!


We put 2-3 coats on the desk to be sure there weren’t any streaky marks. Make sure the the coats are dry before you apply more paint.

After all the paint coats are dry, you can begin the antiquing process. I used really fine steel wool and went along the edges of the drawers, top of the desk, and body of the desk. I lightly rubbed the steel wool across the areas that I wanted to look “aged” and until I was happy with how they looked. The great part of this is that if you steel wool too much paint off the edge, all you have to do is repaint it and wait for it to dry and start over!


After you’ve sanded down the piece like you want it, you choose a finishing wax or sealant to use. After painting it with the finishing wax/sealant, let that dry and you should be done!

Boone and I replaced the drawer pulls (as you can see in the photo above!) because I didn’t like the way the old ones looked with the gray paint.

New drawer pulls – $18.50

And here is our finished product! We are pretty proud of it!






So how much did our new desk cost?

Desk – free
Paint & Supplies – $15.87
Drawer Pulls – $18.50

Total – $34.37

Not bad, eh?

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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