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Artemis, Mustachioes, and Stinky Books (Part II)

Well, as promised, here is the follow-up to the last post. As you know, my family and Boone and I are currently on a road trip to and from Iowa. As I write this post, we are on our way back from the great state of Ioway. It’s been a whirlwind to say the least.

On Saturday, the day after my brother graduated, we headed out at 6AM. My parents rented a van so we could all ride together. Which has it’s benefits and downfalls.

Benefits: We are all together; we are spending less on gas; we aren’t putting the miles on our car; my parents get to see the area

Downfalls: We only get one day to look for houses because my mom and dad have to be back at work by Tuesday.

SO…Boone and I sat in the very back of the van because I like to spread. My brother and sister sat in the middle seats while my mom and dad were in the front. As a result of the fact that I like to spread, I put my legs on Boone’s lap. While he was reading a book. Which led to the stinky book effect. Just for the record, my feet are pristine and never smell bad. So there.

During Boone’s reading-of-said-book, he came across the Mustachioed man. Which automatically became a pistachio with a mustache. As it should always stay.

Hence the stinky books and mustachioes. Oh, and we ended up naming the road trip octopus Artemis — Arty for short.

13 hours later, we arrived at the hotel in Iowa City. We had a fantastic dinner at Vesta (a restaurant right outside the hotel) and were ready for bed.


(Okay…pause for a second…what the hell happened. My whole blog post is gone. Now I have to start all over.)


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