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New List – 26 Things To Do Before 27

Alrighty, it is time for the yearly recap. To see which things I didn’t complete and which things I have checked off my list!

Last year’s list …

1. Spend time in another country – My first trip was to Toronto, Canada in June with the Church Street United Methodist Youth Choir. My second trip was to Dublin, Republic of Ireland; and Belfast, Northern Ireland with the University of Tennessee Chamber Singers.

2. Graduate with my masters in Choral Conducting. What UP?! Did this. Done that. Got the tassel and hood.

3. Figure out what I’m going to do after I graduate with my masters in choral conducting. I’ve applied for a second Masters degree! I’m going to get my Masters in Music Therapy.

4. Complete a 50-mile bike ride – Been there. Done that! I actually completed a 63 mile bike ride.

5. Drink a full Guinness in Ireland (I figured David, Meagan, and Ben would appreciate this one). It was actually delicious! And I had 1 1/2.

6. Complete a 3D puzzle. Boone and I finished our 3D puzzle a couple of days after New Year! You can see the picture at this post!

7. Vote

8. Write something in wet cement – Completed!!! Check out my Daily Photo Journal on June 14th!

9. Sleep outside for a night

10. Mail five “just ’cause” cards to five strangers. You can check out my Daily Photo Journal for May and see the five just because letters to strangers!

11. Buy a ukulele and play it. Boone bought me a ukulele for Christmas and I learned a few songs on it! I can play “You Are My Sunshine” and “Lean On Me” and “I’m Yours” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” … I even auditioned at Iowa University with it :)

12. See “The Book of Mormon” in New York City

13. Master one really cool magic trick. I don’t know if it’s really cool. But I can do a magic trick.

14. Visit a theme park – I went to Cedar Point with the Church Street United Methodist Youth Choir.

15. Play laser tag

16. Take a Megabus on a trip somewhere

17. Knit my first cabled something

18. Ride on a train, preferably overnight. I did ride on a train. It was not overnight. I might not count this out just yet…but we took a train in Belfast to Carrickfergus and saw a castle.

19. Read a biography Although I didn’t finish this during my 25th year on earth…I did read one over choir tour! I read “Bossypants” by Tina Fey. There will be a book review soon.

20. Make my second t-shirt blanket. Finished this on 1.9.2013!

21. Write a message, put it in a bottle, and throw it into the ocean. I finished 2/3 of this. I never threw it into the ocean because I was worried that it wasn’t sealed well. It’s still sitting on my dresser…ready to be thrown into the ocean. Whenever I see the ocean again…

22. Finish the Sunday New York Times Crossword by Tuesday … in pen … without cheating. — I attempted this. I tried really hard. But this is as far as I got…

23. Write and perform my own arrangement with reVOLution DONE! I arranged “The Star Spangled Banner with reVOLution” Hear it HERE.

24. Keep a daily photo journal. Done and donner! I am in the process of putting together a photo album for the year! I’ll post it when I’m done :D

25. Get rid of half of my clothes. Took 23 bags to the Goodwill! You can also find a picture of that here.

This year’s list …

1. Keep a daily gratitude journal

2. Complete an organized cycling century

3. Eat a Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia. This one was a little disappointing because my mom makes really good Philly cheesesteak sandwiches…sorry, Philadelphia.

4. Finally reach my goal weight

5. Make a family yearbook

6. Care bags for the homeless

7. See another musical in either Chicago or New York.

8. Go camping for the first time.

9. See someone famous in person. When we were in New York we walked by the set of Cameron Diaz’s new film “The Other Woman”

10. Go on a cruise.

11. Complete the book “Try Something New: 100 Ways To Spend Time Together”

12. Go see Cirque du Soleil – “Love”

13. Edit wedding videos

14. Make a wedding album

15. Cut the habit of biting my nails!

16.  Move to a new state.

17. Go rock climbing (can either be indoors or outdoors!)

18. Try to go vegetarian for a month. (Boone says preferably February since it’s the shortest month)

19. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

20. Help out a random stranger in distress (and don’t get killed…)

21. Watch the Top 50 best movies off all time.

22. Go see The Blue Man group.

23. Go to a Murder Mystery Dinner

24. Sell 100 things on my Etsy shop

25. Finish Baylor’s baby blanket (before he is no longer a baby…)

26. Go to an Iowa University football game

The list is complete!

Until next time fellow BFs!


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