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Last Leg

So here we are at the last leg of our trip. If you follow my blog, you know that we just got back from choir tour to Philadelphia and New York. The past four days of our trip are documented here. I’ll pick up where I left off…

On Tuesday, we headed to New York City. The Big Apple! And what a trip it was! Boone and I chaperoned three girls through the city. We started our day at the John Lennon Imagine Memorial in Central Park.


After we saw the memorial, we walked through Central Park to find public bathrooms (which apparently are very hard to find in NYC) and then continued our adventure with a vendor hot dog while trying to hail a cab. The hailing of the cab was unsuccessful because there were five of us and the cabs we found would only take four. So we ended up taking the subway! Which was an experience in itself.


Our plan was to walk to the MoMA but we got side-tracked/distracted and ended up at Grand Central Station. I have to stop here and say that I’m glad we got side-tracked because we got to see Cameron Diaz filming her new movie The Other Woman. DSC_0524


After we left Grand Central Station, we walked through Times Square to the pizzeria where we were having dinner before we went to see WICKED ON BROADWAY!!!! Freaking out about it still…such an unbelievable musical experience. After the show finished, we walked back to Times Square to take some pictures of all of the lights. We got back on the bus and rode back to Eastern University and arrived back on Eastern University’s campus at about 1:30am.

Since we got in so late the night before, the next morning was fairly leisurely. We had a late-ish breakfast before getting on the road to the mall! We stopped to shop for about two hours before we got back on the bus to head to our concert. We had TVs on the bus (lucky little kids…all I had was my little Walkman to entertain me on bus trips) and were watching the news when we saw the breaking news story about  a building collapse in downtown Philadelphia. We were supposed to be going downtown after the concert but our plans changed and we ended up going back to the mall instead. Boone and I decided to take a little walk to Brookstone and sit in the massage chairs for a while. Why not…we deserved it! And it was well worth it.

After the mall, we headed to a small town to see a play called “Inherit the Wind” which is about the Scopes Monkey trial that took place in 1925. It was a cool experience because here we were all the way in Philadelphia watching a play about a historical event that occurred less than an hour from Knoxville, TN.

Thursday was our last day of fun. We began our day at breakfast, as usual, and headed to our first concert. It was at Sparc Philadelphia. Such a cool place to sing! It is a day-center for adults with disabilities. And they were the best audience I have ever sung for. Another confirmation that I’m going into the right field. After the concert, we handed out bracelets for all of them and everyone I talked to told me how much they enjoyed the concert. We had pizza at their facility before heading to our next concert. Our last concert was a blast and they had “hot” (aka luke warm) pretzels for us afterward. When the concert was done, we headed over to the USS New Jersey!


We got to eat dinner on the ship, too! And finally, after the tour of the ship and dinner, we went to see Cirque du Soleil – TOTEM.



The last day was a bus day. And unfortunately we got stuck in traffic for about three and a half hours and only went 19 miles. So instead of an eight-hour bus ride, it turned into a thirteen and a half hour bus ride. So that was frustrating. And by the time we got back to Church Street, Boone and I were ready to be home and see Little B!

4.19.2013 - I'm glad she's learned to love her bed so much!

Well, that’s all for 2013 choir tour! Until next time, fellow BFs!


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