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Oh Yeah…This Exists

MAN. I haven’t blogged in forever. I apologize to all my faithful BFs out there. I know you’ve been freaking out thinking “IS SHE DEAD?!”

You...thinking I'm dead. Good news -- I'm not.
You…thinking I’m dead. Good news — I’m not.

I’m not dead. I’m thinking that I’m busy…but then I try to write about all the things that I’ve accomplished/done and there’s really not a lot to be proud of. Here are a couple of things I’ve done since choir tour…

1) Moved down to Tullahoma — Boone and I decided that we should probably save some money this summer since we’ll be starting a new chapter of our lives in a brand new space. My parents, who are so generous, are letting us stay in their rental house rent-free for the remainder of the summer. So awesome! So we have been hanging out in Tullahoma (without internet…hence the lack of blog posting) since the second week of June.

2) Went on a couple of bike rides — Boone and I have done a couple of organized bike rides this summer. We did The Big Hill Challenge in Watertown, TN and did 64 miles.


Then we decided to do the Tour de Rocky Top as our last “big” ride in Knoxville. We only did 53 miles on this ride. My dad and a lot of his friends completed the whole 100 miles. The best part about this ride was that it started and ended at Barley’s and at the end, they had free beer and pizza! So great!


3) Had a “Coming Back to Go Away” Party — Since Boone and I went on choir tour the first week of June and our lease ended the second week we didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to many people. So we decided to go back to Knoxville and have a “Coming Back to Go Away” party.

4) Went to a dinner theatre and saw a murder mystery — One of my dad’s O.R. nurses was playing a part in a dinner theatre in Shelbyville so we decided to go see him. He was playing  in a parody of “Gunsmoke” called “A Fist Full of Wool.” Which was great for two reasons — A of all) he was hilarious and B of all) I got to cross off a thing on my 26 Things to do Before 27 list!

5) Saw my best friend — FINALLY got to hang out with Tori. I haven’t seen her since the wedding and we got to hang out and go bowling, and shopping, and eating. And it was loverly. And since we are getting ready to move, we wanted to see each other before!

What have you done in the past month? Update me!

Until next time, fellow BFs!

PS – You should be excited because I’ll probably post from the BEACH!


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