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A Relative Perspective

You always hear the phrases “glass half full/glass half empty” and “one person’s trash is another one’s treasure” or “one person’s crazy is another person’s reality” and if you’re like me, you probably roll your eyes. (Not that I’m a cynic or anything…)

But the other night, when Boone and I were out watching the Perseid Meteor Shower, I started really thinking. Looking up at the night sky with nothing but complete darkness surrounding me I started thinking about how much stuff is up in space. Planets, stars, comets, astroids, meteors, galaxies. And I don’t even know what that all actually means. You know? Yes, I know the meaning of “planet” and “galaxy” but what does each galaxy hold? And how big are those meteors that are coming through the atmosphere? Then I started thinking about all that happens when we’re not watching. Those meteor showers happen whether we know about them or not. When we’re sleeping, there are meteors and shooting stars over our heads. And we don’t even realize they’re there. It’s hard not to think about the galaxy and what it has to offer when you’re staring at all those little starry-eyes watching you.

And then last night, I met Avi Kaplan from Pentatonix. 


Boone and I went to the Iowa State Fair yesterday because they were opening for some Nickelodeon singer. (Don’t remember who, don’t care that I don’t remember.) Their set was unbelievable. What I would give to be a part of something like that. They’re so musical. SO talented. 

After the concert, Boone and I went and stood near the stage waiting to see if they would come around. All of a sudden, Boone tapped me on the shoulder and said “I’ll be right back” about two minutes later, I got a phone call from him. He snuck out onto the field where their vans were. I very discreetly walked away from the group who was standing waiting for Pentatonix to come around (See ya, suckers!) and met Boone on the field behind the stage. We walked to their van and there was a security guard standing by it. I very politely asked him if he would take my ticket over to Avi and Kevin (who were literally standing about 20 feet behind him) and have them sign it. He brushed us off and said no. And he was surprised that we “even got back there” (Really, it was easy. We walked through an open gate. But pretend like I snuck past a bunch of guards and back-stage workers to make the story more entertaining and Bond-like). The security guard, whom I will now refer to as “Hank” kept coming closer and closer to Boone and I and pushing us away from Avi and Kevin. I was getting annoyed. Avi and Kevin started to walk off, so I yelled “Avi, I love you so much, can I please have your autograph?” over Hank’s shoulder. Hank was not pleased. He pushed me back further. Avi, being the bad-ass that he is, said “ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just kidding, of course you can!” And he came over, around the security guard, and gave me a hug. And then gave Boone a hug. And, like a blubbering idiot, I told him how much I loved the show, how awesome it was to meet him, and that he was so talented, AND that we had been looking for them all day at the fair. Boone told him to try a pork chop on a stick and I told him to ride the crazy mouse. He signed his autograph, thanked us about fifteen times for coming to the show, and headed back to the van/bus. 

First and foremost, I could kick myself for not yelling “Avi AND KEVIN.” But meeting Avi was pretty much as good as it gets. Still excited about it. 

On the way home, I was reliving the moment and laughing at how inarticulate I became the second I knew he was walking toward us. I was shaking and stuttering and acting like a teenage girl around Justin Bieber. Golly, I was an idiot. But Avi was nice and I’m sure he’s used to it. 

I started thinking about how it made my night. It changed my life in such a cool way because now whenever I see them, I get to say “I MET HIM!” From my perspective, it was the coolest thing! From Avi’s perspective, he probably won’t even remember a couple of days from now. 

Perspective is an interesting thing. 

Until next time, fellow BFs!

PS – I know I promised house pictures in my next blog post but we haven’t gotten our furniture yet. As soon as we do, you better believe you’ll be seeing some pictures! Here’s a preview, though!



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