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Being a Grownup…and Other Things

I’m probably considered a grownup now. Since…I bought a house, got married, and pay bills. Right? Which means I should start acting like one, too…right?


I don’t want to grow up all the way. But I did want to change a few things when we got situated in our new space. First things first, I didn’t want to eat out as much as we had been. When you’re busy, it’s really easy to fall into the habit of picking something up on your way home. It’s easy, it’s a no-cooking plan, and it’s super fast! Not to mention, no dishes for the most part. But I’m proud to say that Boone and I have only eaten dinner out TWICE since we’ve lived in Iowa. Once because some lady told us that “anybody who’s anybody eats at Reds Alehouse” and once because I wanted sushi (that experience turned into a disaster.) So from August 2-September 22. That’s a lot of dinners and only two of them have been have not been homemade!

Iowa chops, fresh corn, and green beans. Yes please!

We have cleaned up our house every week. I hate cleaning, so this is a big step in the right direction. And we have done laundry and folded and hung it up and put it away each week! That’s grownup, too. Instead of leaving it in the dryer for a month.

Boone got a full-time job this week at West Music! Super exciting…although I just know he was having such a good time at Barnes and Noble selling books (slash really just loving the discount on magazines and coffee that he was getting.)

I have sent birthday cards to several people but nobody seems to really get excited that they’re getting a real birthday card. It’s sad because nobody gets real birthday cards anymore and I thought “hey, this will be fun!” I would like to get real birthday cards. Maybe they’re not getting delivered which would suck because then I’d look like a fool not saying happy birthday to friends/family.

We have come to the close of the fourth week of school. I’ve been in school for 25% of the semester. Whaaat?

This seems like just yesterday!

I was hoping to send out moving announcements when we got here. It seems like it might be too late to do that since…we’ve been here almost two months. But I did draw them up. This is what they looked like…


Heh…get it?

Until next time, fellow BFs!


1 thought on “Being a Grownup…and Other Things”

  1. Folding and putting away clothes is SUPER grown up and cleaning is too. Also, I’ve decided we should start sharing recipes. Also, The moving announcement is super cute,

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