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Hawkeye Football!

Boone and I decided to cross one of the things off my 26 Things To Do Before 27 list so today we went to the last home Iowa football game of the season!


As you can see, when we left for the game it felt like it was negative one degree! So Boone and I wore layer upon layer. We both wore long underwear, wool socks, a shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, and gloves. Unfortunately we left out hothands at home.


We decided to make our Hawkeye football experience complete by taking the Hawkeye Express!



When we got to the stadium, it was about an hour before kickoff. So even though it was only 10:20, we decided to get some hotdogs and hot chocolate. You might think we were crazy. Until you saw all the drunk people walking around screaming “Go Hawks” and other such related sporting event calls.

Our seats were on the sunny side of the stadium and right behind the goal posts!


Now there were a lot of cool things that happened. Also a lot of weird things. The first weird thing was once the game started, our surrounding neighbors–who clearly were season ticket holders–began comparing stadium activities, football plays, and bad referee calls to farm equipment. For example, there was water dripping from somewhere above us and a guy behind us said “It’s leaking. Just like a John Deere combine.” Which is hilarious. But what’s even better is that everyone around us turns around and goes “ooooooooo………”

Second thing that was hilarious…as we walked to our seats we saw this dude waving a fifth of Jim Beam around in the air. Five minutes into the first quarter, two cops came up the stairs and escorted him out.

A weird thing was the noise level in the stadium. At times it was like you could hear a pin drop. The players kept having to pump up the crowd the way they do. You know how they be! I could only guess that it was because the majority of the crowd was frozen from the inside out.

And then the Hawkeyes won! What a game to be a part of! And I crossed off a thing to do!

Until next time, BFs!



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