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Headed Into A New Year

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since the last time I said that. It doesn’t feel like twelve months. I look back on this year and have to say that it was definitely one of the most eventful years I’ve had. 

In January, I started my last semester of my masters in choral conducting and I finished my comprehensive exams. reVOLution was getting ready to attend the International Competition for Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) for the first time and we were working on choreography 24/7. Boone and I were working on our wedding invitations and I was sending in my applications for music therapy programs.


In February, reVOLution placed second in the ICCA quarter-finals and Boone and I decided to change the date of our wedding so that we could go to Nashville for the semi-finals. Mark Stover came to Knoxville to work with reVOLution and Weston Noble came to work with UTK’s concert choir. The Vienna Boys Choir came to UTK as well!


In March, Boone and I celebrated our one year anniversary of dating by seeing Brian Reagan live and Tim and Terri Ward threw us a wonderful wedding shower! We celebrated several of our friends and families birthdays. On March 22, 2013, I married my best friend in the world and we partied late into the night! The next morning, we woke up and went to Nashville to compete in the ICCA semi-finals. Then we spent the next week in Georgia at Chateau Élan where we rested from the eventful weekend before! We spent Easter in Knoxville with Boone’s family.


April was a sad month since it was the last month of school. A lot of “lasts” happened — last choir concert, last reVOL concert, last time performing at the Dogwood Arts Festival with reVOL. But Boone and I also celebrated our first month of marriage hanniversary!  


May was filled with many bike rides including the 3 State 3 Mountain ride in Chattanooga, TN with George Hincappie. Boone and I both graduated and celebrated Mother’s Day in Knoxville at Boone’s grandmother’s house. We rode in the Ride of Silence in Maryville, TN and completed a lot of rides in between the organized ones! At the end of the month, I watched my brother give his Valedictorian speech at his graduation and my family came with Boone and I up to Iowa for the first time. When we got back to Tennessee, we came back to Knoxville and started packing for Church Street’s youth choir tour to Philadelphia


The first week of June was spent with Church Street’s youth in Philadelphia. I had my last Sunday at Church Street when we got back from tour which was a very emotional Sunday. Boone and I stayed in Knoxville for a couple more days while we painted my apartment to get ready to move to Tullahoma for the summer. We rode in the Big Hill Challenge in Watertown, TN and came back up to Knoxville at the end of June to ride in the Tour de Rocky Top one last time. 


At the beginning of July, Boone and I came up to Iowa to look for an apartment. We ended up staying about a week and bought a condo! we helped around my parent’s office when we got back and then left to go to the beach with Boone’s family for a week. When we got back, we went to Sharon and Winston’s wedding and celebrated Baylor’s first birthday. We left Tennessee with our Uhaul on July 31st and…


…closed on our condo on the 2nd of August. My family came up to Iowa to help us unload the truck and move everything in. My brother celebrated his 18th birthday. Boone and I got to see Pentatonix in concert in Des Moines. I started working at First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City while Boone started working at Barnes and Noble. My first day of class started the last week of August.


On September 1st, Boone and I rode in our first organized ride in Iowa. We drove back to Tennessee the second weekend to celebrate with Chris and Julie on their wedding day. Boone got a job at West Music and left Barnes and Noble. We both started teaching at a small studio in North Liberty. 


The month of October was spent focusing on school work. We got our Iowa drivers licenses. I conducted at the church for the first time and went to our first hockey game in Iowa. We celebrated Boone’s 27th birthday. We also adopted the newest member of our family, Admiral Chuck Finley. 


November was a busy school month as well. Spent most of the weekends doing something for school or church. Boone and I went to our first Iowa football game and crossed that off of my 26 Things To Do Before 27 list. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in Tullahoma. 


And finally, December. I finished my first semester of my masters in music therapy. Decorated our condo with Christmas decorations with my husband for the first time. Boone and I got invited to the Darlene’s house for Christmas Eve dinner and got to start our own traditions on Christmas morning. The Thursday after Christmas, we got to drive down to Knoxville, TN and got to spend time with some of our closest friends and family before coming back up to Iowa last night. 


That’s our year in a very small nutshell! A lot of change, a lot of fun, a lot of different! After such an eventful year, I can’t wait to see where 2014 takes us! Let the adventure begin…

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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