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Things About Iowa Living

1. People pronounce our last name right. Even when Boone and I say “Goo-dah, like the cheese.” They respond with the correct German pronunciation.

B. It is safe from nuclear weapons. (Since you probably can’t read the sign, it says “nuclear free weapon zone. Right next to the dog park. Now you know where to go!)


iii. The trees wear sweaters. Not kidding.

20131127-175532.jpgPhoto courtesy of this blog.

d. You park in parking ramps and your groceries are packed in sacks which can get confusing when you’re not really paying attention.

5. It used to be an ocean. But seriously…Coralville, IA. Where else do you find coral reefs but an ocean!

VI. You can buy liquor in the grocery store. Including Target. And most gas stations.


g. It snows when it’s supposed to. And schools don’t close. Neither do grocery stores. Speaking of grocery stores, people also don’t run out and buy all the milk and bread off of the shelves because it’s predicted to snow one inch.


Eight. People assume that if you’re from the south, you’ve never seen snow.


It’s fun living in a new state. Especially one where the climate changes pretty dramatically.

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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