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Summer Winds Down…A Year Gone By

I think summer always goes by too fast. Soon, I may not have a summer so I guess I should be thankful that I at least get some “down” time. Even if “down” really means “not going as fast as I usually go”.IMG_2438.JPG

This summer has been a ton of fun and I’m not saying that it’s over yet, but it’s drawing to a close. Boone and I have put over 500 miles on our bikes and we plan to do some big rides as the summer comes to a close. I’ve crossed several things off of my list of things to do this year which is good because once school starts, it is going to be really difficult to get those things done. We’ve gone to festivals galore this summer including the Trek Fest in Riverside, IA, Blues and BBQ in North Liberty, IA, Solon Beef Days in Solon, IA, and the Sweet Corn Festival in Cedar Rapids is this weekend. We’ve seen a lot of really cool music at all these festivals. And I’ve gotten to spend some quality time with my family and soon some quality time with Boone’s family! IMG_2996.JPG

Summer has gone by fast. But the past year has gone by even faster! It’s really crazy to think that we’ve been up here for a year. I will say that I’ve learned a lot over the past year. First and foremost, being away from family is hard. I thought when we moved that I would be fine because I’ve moved a lot in the past. I thought that Boone would have a difficult time being away from his family because he grew up in Knoxville and this was his first big adventure away from the south. Boy was I wrong. I’ve been the one who has struggled to be away from friends and family. I’ve been the one who comes home crying because I just want to go home. And as much as this house has become our home, I can definitely still feel a hole in my heart. 


Now before you think all bad thoughts, I will say that there have been many blessings to moving so far away. Spending our first year of marriage away from everyone and everything that we know has been a blessing. Boone and I have come to rely on each other for support. If I have a bad day, I know that he’s going to be ready with an open heart to listen to why it’s been bad and if he has a bad day, he knows I’m there to do the same. If we have a disagreement, we sit and work it out. We can’t run right down the road to our family because we “want to get away for a minute”. We go to our separate corners of the house until we’re ready to talk and then we talk about it. We rely on each other and have built a strong foundation of trust and encouragement for each other. Most people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. We didn’t have a chance to go through a difficult time because we packed up everything we owned and moved 14 hours away from everyone. We learned quickly how to live with one another, we adjusted well to living with each other, and we moved on to tackle bigger and more challenging feats. During the times when I feel the saddest about being so far from home, I think about those things and realize that that in itself would be reason enough to spend a couple of years away from everything that we know. Having a strong foundation on which to build our marriage will be worth it in the long run! 

I have wondered many times over the past year if we made the right decision to move up here. And sometimes I don’t know the answer to that question. What I do know is that music therapy is the right career for me. Without a doubt. And that knowledge is one of the only reasons we’re still up here. If I felt like I was wasting my time, I wouldn’t go through with finishing the program. But when I’m put in a music therapy setting, my heart is at peace. My sadness of leaving my family and Boone’s family is quieted. For that 30-45 minute session, I am happy. The ultimate goal is to push through the next three semesters of course work so that I can do my internship and we can move closer to home! 

This has been a somewhat ramble-y post. And part of the reason for that is because my brain is going about 1,000 miles per hour. There’s a lot on my mind and no real direction. But I haven’t posted much about my experience up here. Mainly because I want my blog posts to be happy and exciting. But, life isn’t always happy and exciting. And I think that’s okay. It’s just taken me a while to realize that it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to miss your family. It’s okay to feel frustrated. It’s also important for me to remember to stay positive and hopeful that the next three semesters will be easier than the past year. That I won’t come home crying most days out of the week. That I can stay strong and finish what I started! 

And before I leave you with this post you should know that I’m thankful for a lot of things. I’m thankful for a supportive husband who has put up with a lot of tears over the past year. I’m thankful for loving parents who have shown more generosity and love than I can ever express. I’m grateful for new friends who help pass the time. I’m grateful for old friends who write me letters that show up at the exact moment I need them most. And most importantly, I’m grateful for the experiences and education I am lucky enough to receive. 

Thanks for reading that. Here’s a picture of Solstice and Finley who choose to eat breakfast and dinner perpendicularly. IMG_2827.JPG

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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