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Ketchup. Or Catch Up.

That title probably brought you here under false pretenses. It’s not about ketchup. But how awesome would that be? A whole blog post about ketchup. Maybe that will be in the works. Stay tuned. In the meantime, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. A while…like August. So I guess we should catch up. You and me, we’re both so busy…and I’m not a very good blogger when I’m in graduate school. I think I’ve made that statement in every blog post I’ve made since I’ve been in graduate school. I originally wanted a blog so that all my friends and family members who were far, far away could keep up with the things I am doing in my life. But now I’m not updating this so that’s not really working. Well, for what it’s worth, here’s an update!

Over the summer I got to work with kids with Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids with speech and language delays in a summer program two days a week. We worked on listening tasks like identifying and discriminating different sounds. We also worked on a variety of speech sounds by singing songs like “The hippopotamus blows bubbles through his nose, bubbles through his nose, bubbles through his nose. The hippopotamus blows bubbles through his nose, blow, blow, blow!” Wonder what sound we were working on there…!

The kids had a bubble gun and they got to make the hippo blow bubbles through his nose if they sang the song!

I also started volunteering once a week in the chemotherapy clinic playing music for patients during infusion. Over the summer, I took a keyboard and it was pretty funny to see the look on the patient’s face when I rolled my cart up with a full size keyboard and was like “Hey y’all, I’m here to play some music…” (That’s an exaggeration, by the way, I don’t say that…) But when I started back last week, I took my guitar. I stayed for three hours Christmas Eve Eve and played all kinds of Christmas and non-Christmas music for the patients and their families. It’s so much fun to listen to their stories. One of the highlights of my week for sure!

I made it through a tough semester of grad school (with straight A’s!) and am looking forward to not being in school anymore. For my practicum setting, I was working with adults with psychiatric disorders (like schizophrenia, bipolar, and borderline personality disorder). I was paired with an undergraduate music therapy student and we worked on social interaction, making positive statements, gross motor skills, and cognitive skills. Co-leading was a great experience and I’m so glad that I got to work with her! It gave me a lot of really good ideas and skills for if I ever get the opportunity to work with someone in the future.

I have 1.33 semesters of grad school left…not that I’m counting. This upcoming spring semester, I’ll take a full course load and then in the fall, I have to take one graduate class, finish up my Capstone project, and take comprehensive exams. I can do it. I hope. By this time next year, I’ll be at my music therapy internship somewhere out there in that great big world. Which is stressing me out at the moment because I don’t like uncertainty and currently, my life is full of uncertainty! One thing at a time.

I’m still teaching piano and voice lessons and have between 8-10 students. I’m about to gain a few more though because I’m going to start teaching adaptive lessons soon! That’ll be a new and exciting challenge for me because I haven’t ever taught adaptive lessons. I’m also still working as a music intern at First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City. I’ve really enjoyed my time there–singing in the choir, conducting occasional bell choir rehearsals, and I’ve even had the opportunity to conduct the choir during services! It’s been such a blessing to have such a welcoming church family. So welcoming, in fact, that they let Boone sing in the choir!

And that brings me to January 2015! That’s a really quick update of the past five months and I’ve left out a lot of details. I’m looking forward to my last semester as a full-time student. I think I’ve been a professional student for long enough and am definitely ready to enter into the real world! I’ve loved the past couple of weeks that I’ve been on break. We got to see my family and Boone’s family. We’ve watched all of the seasons of Parenthood (to be fair, we started that in November…which doesn’t make it much better…but some.) And can we just take a second to say “NO!” about Parenthood…??? Thank you.

Well, I guess that about catches you up with my life. School starts again in a little over a week which means that life ends. Let the countdown to the end of the semester begin!

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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