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28 Things To Do Before I Turn 29

Okay, first and foremost…when did I become closer to 30 than 20. That’s terrifying.

Every year I make a list of X things to do before I turn X. My first list was 22, I skipped 23 & 24 (because I forgot that I wanted to do that within the year…maybe “Remember I have a list” should’ve been on that list). Here’s year 25 and 26 and here is last year’s list.

1. Create a YouTube video that gets over 1,000 views

2. Put together care bags for the homeless — *sigh* this has been on my list two years in a row and I still haven’t done it.

3. Sing solo for a complete stranger in public – completed 7.19.2014 and you can find the video on Boone’s FB page!

4. Ride a roller coster – completed 5.23.2015 thanks to Tori’s bachelorette party!  5. Complete a bike ride longer than 64 miles (which is the longest we’ve ever ridden) – completed 7.20.2014

Rode 105K for the Rapha Women’s 100K (65.3 miles!)

6. Complete the June Ab Challenge (a Facebook event that someone created) – I completed 19 days of this but then my back started hurting

7. Fly in a hot air balloon

8. Visit a state I’ve never been to before –  completed 2.7.2015-2.9.2015 – visited Minnesota!

9. Pay off both my credit cards – completed 8.1.2014

10. Go Zorbing

11. Attend the Sweet Corn Festival in Cedar Rapids and eat sweet corn!

12. Learn a new meal each month – completed 5.2015
May – Blackened Salmon
June – Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti
July – Blueberry Protein Pancakes
August – One-Pan Chicken Burrito Bowls
September – Chicken, Bacon, Broccoli, and Rice
October – Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowl
December – Chorizo Mac and Cheese
January – Red Beans and Rice
February – Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti
March – Black Bean and Quinoa Enchilada Bake
April – Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce
May – Stuffed French Bread

13. Buy a lotto ticket with the numbers from a fortune cookie

14. Attend a beer festival – completed 6.7.2014 

Corridor Beer Fest

15. Fly a kite – completed 8.18.2014

16. Run a 5K – completed 7.19.2014, 8.30.2014, 9.20.2014, 10.25.2014


17. Go to the Field of Dreams – completed 6.13.2014


18. Go on a bike ride every day for a week (weather permitting)

19. Go ice skating

20. Go berry picking – completed 7.19.2014


21. Get my picture taken with all 83 Herkys on Parade ran out of time on this one…they took them all away and auctioned them off…here’s my picture with one of them. I got 20 out of 83…


22. Go to Solon Beef Days – completed 7.19.2014


23. Go to the American Gothic House

24. Go to the Trek Fest in Riverside, IA – completed 6.28.2014


25. Go to a Music Therapy conference – completed 11.6.2014-11.9.2014 AND I got a scholarship!

photo courtesy of Ginny Driscoll
photo courtesy of Ginny Driscoll

26. Finish the 52 Week Money Challenge – completed 3.30.2015

27. Read at least five books and write a “book review” blog post – I completed 3 out of 5. Didn’t have too much time to read this semester. I could write research article reviews next time though…I read a lot of those. 

And now…for this year’s list!

28 Things To Do Before I Turn 29.

1. Go to a minor league baseball game

2. Graduate with my second masters degree!

3. Host a fancy dinner party

4. Ride in RAGBRAI

5. Start my music therapy internship

6. Be a bridesmaid for the first time

7. Ride a rollercoaster with Boone because we have never ridden one together

8. Go away on a girls weekend with my mom

9. Drive a Vespa

10. Go hiking at a local state park

11. Complete at least three sewing projects

12. Go to an arena football game

13. Go to Cedar Rapids BBQ Roundup (June 25-28)

14. Go to one of those drink wine + paint pictures classes

15. Go on a coin flip road trip

16. Call someone, tell them to look out their window, and be standing on their front lawn

17. Listen to an audiobook

18. Go visit my Grandma in Denver, CO

19. Complete a weekend without electricity

20. Complete a coloring book for adults

21. Be listed as an author on a research paper published in a journal

22. Keep a journal. Doesn’t have to be everyday…just periodic writings

23. Spend less time on my phone

24. Complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle

25. Visit Snake Alley in Burlington, Iowa

26. Be able to look at myself and be happy with what I see even if it’s not exactly where my end goal is.

27. Get all fancy-schmancy and go on a date with my husband!

28. Get a library card

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