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New List: 30 Things To Do Before 31

I haven’t blogged in…almost a year. Bad blog host. But what an eventful year it was! A year ago, Boone and I were preparing to move to Cleveland. A year later, we have a one month old! As many of you know, I make a yearly list of things I want to try to accomplish by my birthday the following year (see 22, 25, 26, 27, and 28). It’s getting more and more difficult to make these lists. Partly because I have a rule that I cannot reuse an item until five years have gone by.

Here’s a look back at what I completed from last year’s list. I only completed 10/29…not so hot. Although, I think “get pregnant and have a baby” deserves at least five slots on this list…

Here’s last year’s list – 29 Things to do Before 30

1. Pass my Board Certification Exam – completed 7.12.2016

2. Get a job as a music therapist – completed 5.23.2016

3. Sell our condo – completed 7.22.2016

4. Move to Cleveland, OH – completed 7.20.2016

5. Take part in NEOcycle events – September 9-11completed 9.10.2016

6. Dance in the rain

7. Ride at least 1,500 miles on my bike — I only rode 835.4 miles this year. Sad day for the BMC.

8. Go to a Major League Baseball game.

9. Visit a National Park – We drove through Cuyahoga National Park…does that count?

10. Go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

11. Go to a drive-in movie

12. Visit Niagra Falls

13. Go see my brother graduate from college! (What?!) – Well, extenuating circumstances limited my ability to travel in May. But I did get to LiveStream his graduation and saw him walk across the stage!

14. Do the Canopy Walk in Kirtland, OH. – completed 10.29.2016

15. Try yoga three times a week for a month

16. Go to a Cleveland Orchestra performancecompleted 9.3.2016

17. Eat food from a food truckcompleted 6.23.2016

18. Plan a visit to my goodest friend David.completed 10.15.2016

19. Go to Cedar Point!

20. Write a letter to myself to be opened when I’m 35.

21. Leave a $100 tip for someone when we go out to dinner

22. Record 5 covers of songs or write originals with Boone

23. Spend New Years Eve in New York City

24. Go to a new restaurant and let the waiter pick my entire meal

25. Go on a night bike ride

26. Have a “no spend” month–only spend money on necessities – completed 2.2017


27. Learn how to play a new instrument

28. Complete a triathlon

29. Go paddle boarding

And now for this year’s list – 30 Things to do Before 31

1. Take Baby G to Tennessee

2. Take Baby G to Iowa

3. Blog more

4. Read 20 books by December 31st

5. Hike to find five waterfalls

6. Breastfeed in public

7. Go to the Taste of Tremont on July 16th

8. Go visit Kelsey!

9. Go to the U.S. Professional Road & Time Trial National Championships

10. Try East Coast Original Custard

11. Take Baby G to a Cleveland Indians baseball game

12. Watch the sunset from the Solstice Steps in Lakewood

13. Attend the 2017 Star Spangled Spectacular on June 30th

14. Take a walk through the cultural gardens

15. Go to a Cleveland Orchestra concert at Severance Hall

16. Go see the worlds largest rubber stamp

17. Keep a monthly photo journal documenting Baby G’s first year.

18. Go to Cleveland’s Labor Day Oktoberfest

19. Go zip lining with Boone

20. Take Baby G to the Cleveland zoo

21. Make a meal out of ingredients found at West Side Market

22. Go to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

23. Take Gus to doggy training classes

24. Take a glass blowing class

25. Get a couple’s massage

26. Visit Elliot in Illinois

27. Make progress on the yard projects we have planned

28. Try a new restaurant in Cleveland every month

29. Write and illustrate a children’s book for Baby G with Boone

30. Donate Baby G’s preemie clothes to the NICU

Until next time, fellow BFs!


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