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The Time I (Almost) Lost Gus…But Definitely Lost It

I figure everyone likes a good story. Especially when that story contains excitement, fear, and the occasional cuss word. Well have I got a good one for you…

Gus’s Big Adventure

Once upon a time there was a (mostly) good dog named Gus. He decided that he wanted to come to the park to go for a walk with mommy and sissy while daddy went on a mountain bike ride with his friends.

Gus liked walks.

Unfortunately, sissy needed to eat before said walk could occur.

Gus did not like waiting.

He wriggled out of his walking harness and darted around the parking lot.

Mommy thought, “Oh dear…” and put sissy back in the stroller to try to catch Gus.

Gus was fast. Gus did not want to be caught. In fact, Gus mocked mommy by running close to her…close enough to grab…and then darting off again.

Mommy screamed many bad words in public.

Gus saw a cyclist on the trail. Gus likes bikes. Gus chased the cyclist.

Mommy could not chase Gus because sissy was still in the stroller. Mommy made a choice. Sissy was the choice.

10 minutes later…

Gus comes back and lays down in front of mommy.

Mommy now has high blood pressure but is (mostly) grateful that Gus is back and safe.

Gus now has a new friend who is helping to train him to be an always good dog.

The end.


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