DPJ – May 2012


5.25.2012 – Birthday gelato with my brother and Boone.

5.26.2012 – Day trip to Atlanta with the family. Lamborghini dealer, Rumi’s Kitchen, and The Mall of Georgia!


5.27.2012 – Normal Sunday church services, shopping with the family, and dinner at Olive Garden! We also booked our beach vacation!!!


5.28.2012 – Didn’t do too much today. Took a two-hour much-needed nap. Now I’m closing out the night working on a new arrangement.


5.29.2012 – A relaxing day spent watching How I Met Your Mother. I also went and picked up my travel-sized toiletries for my trip to Canada. Boone and I took a trip to the doctor since Boone hasn’t been feeling well for several days. And by the time we got back, Aladdin was on TV! I also got a hilarious birthday card from my best friend.


5.30.2012 – Another relaxing day before I leave for choir tour. I got my new carry-on! We also went over the choir tour itinerary. Oh, and Solstice recorded me a goodbye song.


5.31.2012 – Today I did my laundry, had a pool/belated birthday date with Meagan, and watched a really random storm roll in. Also…I’m incredibly addicted to Bejeweled Blitz. Packing tomorrow for Canada!



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