DPJ – July 2012



7.1.2012 – The last thing my mom said to me before I left for Ireland was “Don’t go to any Nicki Minaj concerts” … too bad for me, she’s sold out in Dublin.

7.2.2012 – Something is wrong with this picture. Especially since the Budweiser is on sale for €4.49 off…
7.3.2012 – Meagan and I went to the Wax Museum today. Those pictures are creepy so I decided to spare you until I post them in my Ireland album. You just wait! Tomorrow is Dublin Castle and Guinness! And then I saw this on the way home from our Choral Evensong service.
7.4.2012 – Happy Fourth of July! Guess how we got to rehearsal today…a freakin’ horse and carriage! Awesome.
7.5.2012 – Left Dublin today and headed toward Belfast. On our way, we stopped to see Knowth. The colors are so vivid here!
7.6.2012 – We made it to Belfast! We visited the Titanic museum and had our first actual concert!
7.7.2012 – It’s kind of blurry but this is an awesome taxi that David and I took back to the college. The modes of transportation today were awesome. Train and old taxi! So much fun.
7.8.2012 – Today we had tea at an old Post Office in Lisbane!
7.9.2012 – Crossed a rope bridge about 100 feet in the air today. It was wonderful!
7.10.2012 – I climbed a bonfire that is being set up for the 12th of July in Belfast. How many people can say they’ve done that??
7.11.2012 – Hanging with the locals in Howth!
7.12.2012 – Welcome to Dingle. Good luck ordering!
7.13.2012 – My favorite Irish pub experience. People would ask to sit-in and the whole pub would get quiet to hear the person sing or play. Fantastic!
7.14.2012 – Feeding a cow at the Cliffs of Moher!
7.15.2012 – Hiking around Castlegregory and we come across a red lake. I wasn’t sure why it was red but David informed me it is because of the iron deposits up in the mountain. Fun facts!
7.16.2012 – The best ice cream I’ve had in a long time. Murphy’s honeycomb ice cream. Made right in Dingle!
7.17.2012 – The last fish and chips shop we visited. We got a West Kerry burger recommended by a local. And it was probably the best burger I’ve ever had.
7.18.2012 – Stopped in Adare for lunch on the way back to Dublin. This was a hazelnut cappuccino and it was delicious.
7.19.2012 – I made it safely home and Boone and I exchanged travel journals!
7.20.2012 – I need to catch up on my picture of the day! I have wifi again so I will upload them soon! But as for today! Awesome new bike :) an amazing welcome-home gift!
7.21.2012 – This is what happens when you have a motorist/cyclist accident Winchester. Every police car, fire truck, and ambulance shows up. Luckily no one was injured!
7.22.2012 – At the beach! We found a dead crab and gave him a proper burial.
7.23.2012 – Feeding the seagulls Hot and Spicy Cheez-its. They loved them!
7.24.2012 – Playing Apples to Apples on vacation!
7.25.2012 – Rented beach bikes, rode around the neighborhood and saw turtles, alligators, and deer! Then we went to a bike shop and a knitting shop. Then we ended the night with delicious, fresh seafood!
7.26.2012 – Built a sandcastle today! And Boone and I rode to the end of the island and saw six dolphins!
7.27.2012 – Last day at the beach. Went on a 30 mile bike ride and had a very relaxing last day at the beach house.
7.28.2012 – Got my message in a bottle all ready to send. Now all I have to do is find the perfect place to drop it in the water!
7.29.2012 – Pizza and a movie with my love to end a wonderful vacation month
7.30.2012 – Inside the new Kroger. A jewelry shop and furniture. Nicest Kroger I’ve ever been in.
7.31.2012 – Today will be a cat lady picture because Solstice and I just lounged around this morning. Then we ran errands!

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