DPJ – June 2012


6.1.2012 – I was going to go for a bike ride today but it rained pretty much all day. So instead I cuddled with Solstice Bolstice and packed for Canada!


6.2.2012 – Church Street Youth Choir left for our trip to Canada today! And on the bus ride up I had a Canadian word search! How awesome is that! And I ate at a Golden Corral for the first time. Quite an experience I must say.


6.3.2012 – I’ve made it this far! The youth choir sang at a catholic mass this morning, then we went to Cedar Point! We saw Lake Eerie and I rode the fastest roller coaster in the world!


6.4.2012 – Oh Canada! We made it to Canada! We had our first concert tonight at a nursing home and it was great!


6.5.2012 – You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown and Stratford, Ontario today! We sang at another retirement community and had dinner at a park!


6.6.2012 – We had two concerts today and we went to the CN tower!


6.7.2012 – Niagara Falls and the Maid of the Mist!


6.8.2012 – Exchanging travel journals! It’s good to be home


6.9.2012 – Boone and I rode in the Tour de Cure this morning! We rode over 31 miles! It was my first official ride!


6.10.2012 – A relaxing/recovery day with Boone and Solstice watching a Lost marathon!


6.11.2012 – It was raining all day so I worked on my blog while hanging out with Solstice! Sorry this photo of the day is late!


6.12.2012 – McKay’s day! Plus a bike ride.
6.13.2012 – Driving around with the top down. Plus doing laundry and chores today. And yes, that is a car full of rubber duckies..
6.14.2012 – I checked off one of my 25 Things To Do Before 26! “I completed #8 ELE 2012”
6.15.2012 – Our sophisticated bike riding gps system.
6.16.2012 – A morning bike ride, relaxing by the pool, and two weeks until I’m off to Ireland!
6.17.2012 – Reading a book outside on the day it’s supposed to rain (after I talked to my dad to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, of course!)


6.18.2012 – Boone and I did yard work today! I mowed while he weed eated (weed ate?) and raked the yard!

6.19.2012 – First summer Ireland rehearsal!

6.20.2012 – First day of summer. Sure felt it on my bike ride! Oh yeah…there’s this concert thing next week. Y’all should come.

6.21.2012 – I didn’t take any pictures today so I took a picture of what I’ve spent my day doing … watching Pentatonix videos. Among other things.

6.22.2012 – Dinner and relaxation on a beautiful Friday night. Gotta get up early for Cades Cove!

6.23.2012 – I hit a new milestone in my car and Boone’s parents got back from their Nevada getaway!

6.24.2012 – A terrible parking job at church, a road trip to Tullahoma, and a bike ride with Boone, Dad, and Elliot! A great day!

6.25.2012 – A flower from my love, a gorgeous bike ride into the sunset, and Irish Taco Bell sauce!

6.26.2012 – Got to watch a brain surgery today! And the Pentatonix album was released! Woot!

6.27.2012 – I thought I’d help out anyone looking for a sign.
6.28.2012 – Getting ready for Ireland!!
6.29.2012 – I always say that the state of your room is directly reflective of the state of your mind. This is the state of my room. Ireland trip eve commence!
6.30.2012 – First glimpse of Ireland!



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