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Stars Hollow: A Place Where Dreams Come True

I am three seasons in to my first Gilmore Girls experience. It’s been tender. And sweet. Like every first experience should be. But I have some questions. As with most first experiences. Okay, enough with the innuendos.

First and foremost, is Luke’s diner a magic place? This is a rhetorical question because of course it’s magical. Mainly because Luke is there. But let’s be real here: how do Lorelai and Rory eat there for every single meal of the day, every single day, and look like they do? They order pancakes and bacon, burgers and fries, donuts, pastries, and endless amounts of coffee. Every day! PLUS when they’re not eating at Luke’s, they’re ordering takeout from some delicious sounding Indian, Chinese, or pizza place. And I have yet to see any sort of exercise regimen implemented into their daily lifestyle. The closest thing to even a mention of exercise is when Lorelai buys “Cardio Salsa” and wants Rory to partake in the activities. Rory declines. As would I.(Okay, if I’m being honest here, I would totally do Cardio Salsa with Lorelai…)

While we’re on the subject of Luke’s Diner…how can they afford to eat at Luke’s every single day for almost every meal? Unless it’s part of a meal plan at Chilton, and I highly doubt that it is. Can you imagine the uproar that Emily Gilmore would cause if she discovered that LUKE’S was what she was paying for? Maybe the burgers are $1 and the coffee is $0.10 like the good ole days that I’ve never experienced. OR, more likely, Stars Hollow is magical.


B of all, are there endless hours in a day in Stars Hollow? Because never, ever, EVER in my life have I spent such a leisurely morning before school. And I’ve been in school for over 20 years. How do they have time to water their neighbors yard AND eat breakfast at Luke’s? I’m usually racing out the door every morning thinking “I shouldn’t have hit snooze that last time because now I have to catch the later bus…” And yet here, in Stars Hollow, they have time for a movie before school! Maybe school starts at 10:00am. I’d have time for a movie if school started at 10:00am. That’s a lie, I’d still hit the snooze button too many times. I like my sleep. But wait! So do they?! It’s a vicious circle that I may never know the answer to. Yet another thing I attribute to the magical world of Stars Hollow. A dream place where time stands still while you drink your huge cup of coffee. That would be the life.


This next one is not so much question about the show but merely an observation (in question form!) about my personal experience. How do you, as audience members, not constantly want to eat donuts and drink coffee when binge watching this show? Because I’m seriously wishing that I had donuts in my house at all times. Come on Luke, bring them to me!


Finally (for now, I still have a million seasons left for questions) how is Rory such a good student. We barely see her study. Usually when she’s studying, Lorelai comes in and interrupts her with her sarcastic quips. Maybe (probably) she’s just a genius and she doesn’t have to study that much. Because…you guessed it, Stars Hollow is magical! She talks a lot about studying. Maybe that’s how she gets good grades. She thinks about studying. I’ll try that method this semester and see if it works. Keep you posted.


Also, can I just say I wish there were more scenes with Sookie in them? She is one of my favorite parts of the show by far. The scene where Jackson deep fries the turkey and Lorelai and Rory come and find her drunk on margaritas is the best. I’m so glad she’s part of the show. 387034d1b9b1b1ea06b9dc8894425274

I’ll leave you with my favorite line from the show thus far. Not because of its humor potential in the show. But because of how hard I laughed when Boone and I tried to say it after we heard it. This line was spoken by Emily Gilmore during a dinner where Lorelai finds out that Rory has applied to Yale. “That’s paranoia Lorelai.” Go ahead. Try to say it. It’s the best thing you’ll do all day. I promise.


Until next time, fellow BFs! I’m so glad that Tori and Kelsey made me watch this show.