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2018 Birthday List

It’s that time of year again…time for the yearly recap of last year’s birthday list and the presentation of this year’s birthday list!

For last year’s list…we did pretty well considering we were tending to a new human in our lives. We’re pretty excited about this year’s list already!

Last Year: 30 Things To Do Before 31

1. Take Baby G to Tennessee – completed 6.22.2017-6.26.2017

2. Take Baby G to Iowa

3. Blog morecompleted 2017-2018

4. Read 20 books by December 31stcompleted 12.31.2018

5. Hike to find five waterfalls – we hiked to find three waterfalls

6. Breastfeed in public – completed 6.14.2017

7. Go to the Taste of Tremont on July 16thcompletes July 16, 2017

8. Go visit Kelsey!

9. Go to the U.S. Professional Road & Time Trial National Championships – completed 6.24.2017-6.25.2017

10. Try East Coast Original Custard – completed 6.10.2017

11. Take Baby G to a Cleveland Indians baseball game

12. Watch the sunset from the Solstice Steps in Lakewood

13. Attend the 2017 Star Spangled Spectacular on June 30th – this ended up being canceled due to the weather. But we went to the Blossom Music Center for their 4th of July performance instead!

14. Take a walk through the cultural gardens

15. Go to a Cleveland Orchestra concert at Severance Hall

16. Go see the worlds largest rubber stamp

17. Keep a monthly photo journal documenting Baby G’s first year.completed May 2017-May 2018 thanks to Chatbooks!

18. Go to Cleveland’s Labor Day Oktoberfest

19. Go zip lining with Boone

20. Take Baby G to the Cleveland zoocompleted June 2, 2018 (is that cheating?)

21. Make a meal out of ingredients found at West Side Market

22. Go to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

23. Take Gus to doggy training classes – completed 6.27.2017

24. Take a glass blowing class

25. Get a couple’s massage

26. Visit Elliot in Illinois

27. Make progress on the yard projects we have plannedcompleted May 2018

28. Try a new restaurant every monthcompleted June 2017-May 2018
June – Crepes in the City with Tori
July – Flying Fig with Marc and Darla
August – Munch with Elliot
September – Yamato Sushi in Baltimore, MD
October – Choolah in Beachwood, OH
November – The Schlafly Taproom in St Louis, MO
December – Paradise Biyrani in Gates Mills, OH
January – Winking Lizard in Mayfield Heights, OH
February – Phoenix Coffee in Cleveland Heights, OH
March – Mod Pizza in Cincinnati, OH
April – Beezy’s Café in Ypsilanti, MI
May – Zuki Sushi in Macedonia, OH

29. Write and illustrate a children’s book for Baby G with Boone

30. Donate Baby G’s preemie clothes to the NICUcompleted 8.17.2017

This Year: 31 Things To Do Before 32

1. Take Baby G on her first airplane ride.

2. Go to an Edgewater Live concert.

3. Drive the Emerald Necklace.

4. Have a kingdom weekend with Baby G.

5. Go to the Willoughby Farmers Market.

6. Take Baby G trick-or-treating for the first time.

7. Go see Hamilton.

8. Take Baby G to the aquarium.

9. Take Baby G on her first picnic.

10. Go pick our own strawberries.

11. Go to a Captains game.

12. Go swimming with Baby G.

13. Chalk drawing on the driveway.

14. Take Baby G on a bike ride in a park.

15. Go to story time at the library.

16. Take Baby G on the polar express.

17. Celebrate a year of Title Boxing.

18. Make progress on the picnic area next to the garage.

19. Watch Baby G take her first steps.

20. Teach Baby G at least five signs.

21. Start a literature review for NICU research project.

22. Find a choir to join.

23. Go sledding with Baby G.

24. Chop my hair off!

25. Practice piano more.

26. Sign up for the summer reading program at the public library.

27. Go to a Browns Game 😂

28. Go to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

29. Go to the Cleveland Flea with Boone.

30. Go to the Cuyahoga County Fair.

31. Take Gus to Pet-A-Palooza

Life Stuff, Yearly List

The New List: 2016 Edition 29 Things To Do Before 30

Alright, it’s everybody’s favorite time of year. The time of year when the new list comes out! First, let’s take a look at the progress of last year’s list. Overall, I think I did pretty well.

28 Things To Do Before I Turn 29

1. Go to a minor league baseball game

2. Graduate with my second masters degree! – finished my coursework 12.15.16

3. Host a fancy dinner party

4. Ride in RAGBRAI – completed 7.24-25.2015 


5. Start my music therapy internship – completed 1.4.2016

6. Be a bridesmaid for the first time – completed 6.20.2015 at Tori’s wedding!

7. Ride a roller coaster with Boone because we have never ridden one together

8. Go away on a girls weekend with my mom – completed 5.28.16-5.30.16

9. Drive a Vespa

10. Go hiking at a local state park – completed 5.21.2016 at The Palisades

11. Complete at least three sewing projects – completed July 2015

12. Go to an arena football game

13. Go to Cedar Rapids BBQ Roundup (June 25-28) – completed 6.27.2015 
14. Go to one of those drink wine + paint pictures classes

15. Go on a coin flip road trip

16. Call someone, tell them to look out their window, and be standing on their front lawn

17. Listen to an audiobook – completed 6.25.2015 with Steven King’s Mr Mercedes — see my blog post about it 
18. Go visit my Grandma in Denver, CO – completed 7.2-5.2015 with Elliot and Mom.

19. Complete a weekend without electricity

20. Complete a coloring book for adults – this was not completed but I did color some pages…

21. Be listed as an author on a research paper published in a journal – completed 11.17.2015

22. Keep a journal. Doesn’t have to be everyday…just periodic writings – completed! I also kept a journal for my music therapy internship

23. Spend less time on my phone – I’d have to ask Boone about this one…

24. Complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle – completed 1.1.2016 

25. Visit Snake Alley in Burlington, Iowa

26. Be able to look at myself and be happy with what I see even if it’s not exactly where my end goal is – I think this one will always be a work in progress but the important thing is that I’m making progress toward this goal.

27. Get all fancy-schmancy and go on a date with my husband! – completed 3.25.2016


28. Get a library card – completed 6.29.2015

And now for this year’s list! I think I have some exciting things to offer this year! 2016-17 is going to be an exciting year of transition and change. Here’s what’s on the list for this year.

29 Things to do Before 30

1. Pass my Board Certification Exam

2. Get a job as a music therapist

3. Sell our condo

4. Move to Cleveland, OH

5. Take part in NEOcycle events – September 9-11

6. Dance in the rain

7. Ride at least 1,500 miles on my bike

8. Go to a Major League Baseball game.

9. Visit a National Park

10. Go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

11. Go to a drive-in movie

12. Visit Niagra Falls

13. Go see my brother graduate from college! (What?!)

14. Do the Canopy Walk in Kirtland, OH.

15. Try yoga three times a week for a month

16. Go to a Cleveland Orchestra performance

17. Eat food from a food truck

18. Plan a visit to my goodest friend David.

19. Go to Cedar Point!

20. Write a letter to myself to be opened when I’m 35.

21. Leave a $100 tip for someone when we go out to dinner

22. Record 5 covers of songs or write originals with Boone

23. Spend New Years Eve in New York City

24. Go to a new restaurant and let the waiter pick my entire meal

25. Go on a night bike ride

26. Have a “no spend” month–only spend money on necessities

27. Learn how to play a new instrument

28. Complete a triathlon

29. Go paddle boarding