22 Things To Do Before 23

1. Meet someone famous – I met Deborah Brown sometime recently…not sure if it was in the past two years or not. I would consider her famous. I feel like I’ve met someone else, too, but I can’t put my finger on it. Must not have been a really cool famous person…

2. Fall deeply in love – That I did…love is an interesting game though. And sometimes not enough…

3. Paint my apartment – Good thing I didn’t specify which apartment I wanted to paint! Check!

4. Get into grad school – Check!

5. Get a better job – At the time, I was working at Ruby Tuesday’s on Alcoa Highway. A good job. But definitely not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Now I work at Maryville College. I say “check!”

6. Lose ten pounds – I’ve lost 20 pounds this past year. My goal this year is to lose 20 more! Check!

7. Get a new phone – Hell-to-the-check! I love my iPhone!

8. Go on a long hike – Maybe? This is something that I should keep on my list of things to do every year though…

9. Audition for American Idol – Check! That process is wack, yo!

10. Go on a picnic in the park with Will and Sharon – I can’t remember if we did this…I know we hung out a lot and we had picnics together but…if we didn’t do this…we need to!

11. Spend a whole day at the park – I definitely did this…but not before I was 23. It was this year. Check anyways!

12. Learn “Dance Sucka” – The Donald Brown piano piece. I still don’t know the bridge…no check.

13. Get another piercing – Hmm..at the time I made this list I’m not sure what piercings I had…I did get another piercing…I got my belly button pierced. But it has since closed up. Check anyways!

14. Go to Dollywood or a Theme Park – Check! I love theme parks. I should go to more.

15. Work on my belting technique – I can make so many belts now! Kidding…I never had the opportunity to take voice lessons until I came back to school. We’ll come back to that one.

16. Play around town with Will – Definitely did that! We were pretty good at playing around town :) Check!

17. Make new friends – CHECK CHECK CHECK! (Meagan, David, Ben, etc, etc, etc!)

18. Scat in at least one concert – Check! I scatted on my senior recital and I scat on almost every gig!

19. Read Breaking Dawn – Check (sadly)

20. Be happy – Check!

21. Get butterflies more often – Check!

22. Always keep my childish enthusiasm! – Check! I think that Sharon contributed this last one. And I think it’s my favorite :)