26 Things To Do Before 27

26 Things To Do Before I Turn 27

1. Keep a daily gratitude journal completed 5.25.2014

2. Complete an organized cycling century

3. Eat a Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia completed 6.2.2013

4. Finally reach my goal weight

5. Make a family yearbook – this is in progress, I just have to compile it into a book!

6. Care bags for the homeless – I am going to put this on this year’s list

7. See another musical in either Chicago or New York

8. Go camping for the first time

9. See someone famous in person. completed 6.4.2013

10. Go on a cruise

11. Complete the book “Try Something New: 100 Creative Ways to Spend Time Together” – we did not complete this but it’s in progress!

12. Go See Cirque du Soleil “Love”

13. Edit wedding videos

14. Cut the habit of biting my nails completed just under the gun!

15. Move to a new state completed 8.1.2013

16. Go rock climbing (can either be indoors or outdoors) completed 6.21.2013

17. Try to go vegetarian for a month (Boone says preferably February since it’s the shortest month) completed 2.1.2014-2.28.2014

18. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

19. Help out a stranger in distress (and not get killed) – I was never really presented with this opportunity…

20. Watch the Top 50 Best Movies of all time – we started this but never finished it…

21. Go see The Blue Man Group completed 3.22.2014

22. Go to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre completed 7.13.2013

23. Sell 100 things on my Etsy shop – yeah, this was a good idea. And then I started school again…

24. Finish Baylor’s baby blanket (before he is no longer a baby…) Completed 12.29.2013

25. Make a wedding album – In progress!

26. Go to an Iowa University football game completed 11.23.2013

Boone and I also went skiing this year, so I think that can count as something that I don’t accomplish this year!

Bonus: Go skiing for the first time with Boone  completed 2.23.2014


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