29 Things To Do Before 30

1. Pass my Board Certification Exam – completed 7.12.2016

2. Get a job as a music therapist – completed 5.23.2016

3. Sell our condo – completed 7.22.2016

4. Move to Cleveland, OH – completed 7.20.2016

5. Take part in NEOcycle events – September 9-11completed 9.10.2016

6. Dance in the rain

7. Ride at least 1,500 miles on my bike — I only rode 835.4 miles this year. Sad day for the BMC.

8. Go to a Major League Baseball game.

9. Visit a National Park – We drove through Cuyahoga National Park…does that count?

10. Go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

11. Go to a drive-in movie

12. Visit Niagra Falls

13. Go see my brother graduate from college! (What?!) – Well, extenuating circumstances limited my ability to travel in May. But I did get to LiveStream his graduation and saw him walk across the stage!

14. Do the Canopy Walk in Kirtland, OH. – completed 10.29.2016

15. Try yoga three times a week for a month

16. Go to a Cleveland Orchestra performancecompleted 9.3.2016

17. Eat food from a food truckcompleted 6.23.2016

18. Plan a visit to my goodest friend David.completed 10.15.2016

19. Go to Cedar Point!

20. Write a letter to myself to be opened when I’m 35.

21. Leave a $100 tip for someone when we go out to dinner

22. Record 5 covers of songs or write originals with Boone

23. Spend New Years Eve in New York City

24. Go to a new restaurant and let the waiter pick my entire meal

25. Go on a night bike ride

26. Have a “no spend” month–only spend money on necessities – completed 2.2017


27. Learn how to play a new instrument

28. Complete a triathlon

29. Go paddle boarding